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The Issues


Kevin understands that more than ever we need a supermajority of conservatives in Congress. We have an opportunity unlike any other. We have a conservative in the White House and Republicans in charge of Congress. We need more Conservatives on Capital Hill. To do it, we need your help.
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Build the Wall & Immigration
We will secure the border. Kevin promises to fund the completion of the border wall and stop spending billions to deal with illegal immigrants and spend that money on Americans or reduce taxes instead. While building the wall, we will continue to make a way for legal immigration.
Good Leadership

Kevin understands that the foundation of good leadership is morality. A good leader believes in higher moral law which is the best foundation of good civil law. This is why the First Amendment is the foundation of all other freedoms in the Constitution.
Improve Job Climate
American businesses must be unleashed to create jobs. Kevin will seek to bring jobs back to America, reduce unnecessary regulations, lower taxes, promote American energy jobs and spending through drilling, mining and seeking energy independence.
Government Corruption
The American system of governing was established as a “bottom-up” authority structure. Except where the Constitution declares otherwise, Kevin believes that local governments should have the power of self-determination. At a local level there is more accountability. When government is big, so is the opportunity for corruption.
2nd Amendment - Gun Rights - NRA Member
The Founding Fathers considered the Second Amendment to be essential to the protection of liberty. Kevin promises to fight for Gun Rights from California to New York. Together we will remove unconstitutional state restrictions on gun rights. A person should be able to drive from California to New York with a gun on their belt and not be afraid that the government of another state will punish them for exercising their second amendment right. Kevin also promises to oppose federal overreach and attempts by government to confiscate weapons away from law abiding citizens. Kevin is an NRA member.

Freedom of Religion and Free Speech
Kevin will fight for
Freedom of Religion by working to remove free speech restrictions placed on religions by 501(c)(3) regulations which seek to silence the political free speech of religious leaders and non-profits. Kevin with also fight for the right of citizens to morally object to behaviors forbidden by their religion. No longer will Christians, Jews, Mormons, Catholics, or any peaceful religion have to fear the loss of their freedoms or property because they seek to honor God by objecting to performing abortions or any other action that goes against their conscience.

Women's Health Issues
The leading women's health issues include heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis and depression. Kevin will always support spending in heart disease and cancer research, remove excessive regulations hindering cutting-edge drug development, improve mental health funding, and work to remove stigmas surrounding mental health.
Together with Kevin, we will stop funding abortion with taxpayers’ money. Period! We will increase protections of the unborn and value life to stop the atrocities of the American baby holocaust. We protect life because God says people are created in the image of God (Genesis 1:17). Of course there are rare exceptions, such as ectopic pregnancies, where a doctor must choose between saving one life or losing both. In such cases medical intervention is often required for the sake of saving life. But where life can be protected, while maintaining compassion for rare exceptions, we must seek to preserve life. Medicine must be guided by the principle of preserving life.
Creating a Culture of Life
We will fund private adoption. We will provide more homes for unwanted babies and unleash the compassionate hearts of loving families, like yours, who are seeking to adopt.
Native American Relations
Native American Sovereignty: We will support legislation such as the Native American Energy Act in Congress that begins returning rightful control of tribal land resources to the sovereign tribes themselves. 
Native American Power:
We will make Native American lives energy independent by protecting their right to produce electricity with their existing coal fired electric generators. If required, we will aid in converting old coal plants to clean-coal units to serve generations to come. The “global warming” hoax has only served to harm people and put people out of work.
Native American Safety: We will increase funding to tribal governments for police staff increases, public safety staff, drug rehab programs, suicide prevention programs and improved victim services resources.
Native Americans Prioritized: We will work to complete the border wall and stop the hemorrhaging cash required to deal with illegal crime and crossings and direct that money to care for Americans first, which includes Native Americans.
Strong Military
We will have peace through strength. We will build an even greater military and ensure that no enemy will attack America without fear of consequences. We will use that strength when necessary.
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
We believe that the VA must either be completely rebuilt or replaced with an insurance card that lets vets get treated in the clinic and hospital of their choice. Veterans with PTSD must receive not only better care, but access to more care options. It is unacceptable for America's finest citizens to receive delayed or inadequate care.
Global Security & Accountability
We will make Europe pay its fair share for security. We will stand with our European friends, but we will no longer pay for the bulk of their security. We need this money for our own military. These nations must stop using America’s security money to pay for their social programs.
We will maintain military superiority
. China and Russia will never obtain a superior military to the United States.
We will contain & destroy evil. We will fight to stop Iranian nuclear ambitions, contain the North Korean dictatorship, destroy Radical Islamic Terrorism, counter the rise of dictators in Cuba and South/Central America and stop sales of U.S. military equipment to states hostile to our allies.
We will obtain energy independence. By maintaining and preserving energy independence, we will ensure that no nation can hinder American military powers by cutting of energy resources in time of war.
e will stand with Israel. We will support Israel's right to exist.
Tyranny & Leftist Agendas
We will resist tyranny from within and outside. We will push back the tyranny of extreme leftist ideologies that have worked their way into the Democratic Party and have sought to undermine American Freedom. The Democratic leadership has become dangerously extreme.
Coal & Oil
We will remove burdens on coal industry, oil industry and natural gas. We will have energy independence. Kevin will support increased drilling, mining and coal industries while supporting only reasonable and non-overreaching environmental regulations.
Obamacare & Healthcare
We will push for a complete repeal of Obamacare. We will lower cost, increase access and provide better healthcare the right way. We will support health care competition and not mandate what people must buy.
Improve Colleges & Universities
We will shorten the path for college degrees and decrease the time between enrolment and job employment. We will require colleges who receive federal funds to shed unnecessary gen. ed. courses that serve no purpose in training students towards their careers (like sociology in a computer programming course) but only serve to fill the pockets of greedy faculty members or to push leftist agendas. We will save students months of work required to obtain their college degree.
Kevin believes that marriage is a private, religious institution and not a state institution. It should not be defined, regulated or interpreted by the state. Until the 1860s, the government never issued marriage certificates. Today, the government should get out of the business of marriage regulation except in cases where it is protecting citizens against abuse (i.e., prohibiting forced marriages, prohibiting child marriages, etc.) When the state defines marriage, it is establishing an official religious interpretation that the Constitution prohibits the state from doing.
Acknowledging God
We will never cease to say God bless America. Nations rise and fall on their acknowledgement of God. Kevin will not apologize for acknowledging that God made America great and that only God can ultimately preserve this great nation (Psalm 127:1-2).

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