How the Left Will Attack Kevin Cavanaugh

Date: 4/27/2017 - By Kevin Cavanaugh
The Cavanaugh for Congress team is putting pressure on Northern Arizona University (NAU) professors who are silencing the free speech rights of students. Before we begin releasing more audio and video of campus offenses, we wanted you to know how they will respond using the leftist playbook.
First, they already play the victim card. They will double down on it. As we start mentioning specifics, possibly including faculty names, they will claim that we are making victims out of the professors because we mentioned their names publicly. Some of them will fictitiously claim to be getting death threats because we mentioned them, just as they did recently when a student released a recording of a leftists professor giving a presentation. We have no intention of backing down.
They will draw on student and faculty “witnesses” to back up their claims of “harassment.” At a recent meeting attended by our team at NAU about 'Safe Spaces,' the professor introduced tension into the room by announcing our team and telling everyone how afraid she was, apparently as a result of our presence! The male professor sitting next to her became upset because we confused him for a liberal, he announced he was a MARXIST! They will have one problem with their claims, we will be recording every hour we spend on campus and backing this audio up to a team ready to release it. It’s hard to argue with recorded audio and video. That won’t stop them from relying on their playbook. Check out these examples:
They will fake hate crimes by spray-painting hate speech on their own cars, buildings, sidewalks, etc. They will vandalize property to get attention. Check out how many fake hate crimes occur by similar leftists on college campuses: and NAU leftists will be doing the similar things. They might very well pull a Berkeley University riot to “stand against hate speech,” even though we will never once use hate speech.
When these accusations against us start coming, remember that we warned you ahead of time. The left uses the same playbook…always. They need to keep one thing in mind: Our team does not consist of typical Republicans. We fight to win and we fight to expose. Much more is coming.
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