Kevin Cavanaugh's Bio
An All-American Family
Kevin Cavanaugh was born in an all American Tennessee family and later moved to Michigan with his family where he graduated high school.
Married to a Beautiful Mexican Immigrant
Kevin is married to Samai, a beautiful Mexican immigrant, and theirs is a real love story. Kevin says of Samai, “After meeting on-line we emailed and talked on the phone for a year before we ever met. When we finally did meet, I discovered she was the nicest person I had ever met. I knew I had to marry her. She is still the nicest person I have ever met.”
Real Law Enforcement Experience
In 1986 Kevin began working as a civilian for a police department in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan while attending college, and interning with the local Sheriff's Office.
Fighting Corrupt Officials
Kevin continued his work as a police officer after graduating from the police academy in Michigan. He stood against corrupt government officials, even testifying against his own police chief who had been drinking and driving and displaying a weapon during an interview of suspects.
Detective Experience
After a short break from law enforcement, he re-entered law enforcement in 1997 where he served as a patrol officer and detective until 2004 when he retired due to a line of duty injury after a fight with an intoxicated person.
Internal Affairs - Fighting Institutional Injustice
Kevin worked as a Managing Internal Affairs Investigator for the Indiana Department of Corrections. He was assigned to one of the largest juvenile detention facilities in the nation where he fought the horrific physical and sexual abuse of inmates by staff. He also discovered a shocking disregard for juvenile safety. His findings led to a scathing Federal Justice Department report.
Kevin later joined a plaintiff's law firm as an investigator and left as an administrator to move to Arizona to be closer to his wife's family after three years of service. The plaintiff's law firm provided tremendous experience, seeing the great things a firm can do for their clients, as well as some of the shortcomings. Kevin also worked as an investigator for the Maricopa County Government.
Business Experience
Kevin understands business owners and their needs. Since 1991, Kevin has owned several businesses including retail, manufacturing, a printing company, private investigations, and a taxicab leasing company.
Successful Political Experience
While living in Pinal County, Kevin met deputies who described the mistreatment of employees at the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office. Kevin originally filed an exploratory committee for Sheriff, but realized that Mark Lamb already started a successful campaign. Kevin stepped out of the race and assembled a team of volunteers for the Lamb campaign that helped lead to a landslide victory. When asked by a reporter why he stepped out of the campaign, Kevin replied, “The mission is bigger than the man. It is less important to be the sheriff and more important to ensure that we have a good Sheriff.”
Fixing Government Waste
Kevin was hired by the new Pinal County Sheriff, Mark Lamb, to get the office on the right track. In the short time he worked there, Kevin discovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in waste and unnecessary job positions.
Why Kevin Ran for Congress
While it was Kevin’s intention to spend a full year at the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, he realized that Arizona’s Congressional District 1 (CD1) was not likely to be won by the same group of candidates who had failed many times prior. He decided to leave early to give himself enough time to fight for CD1. Kevin believes that America needs a super-majority in congress during President Trump’s last two years in office to undo the liberal policies of the past decades.

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