Announcing My Candidacy for U.S. Congress,
Arizona District 1

Press Release: March, 2017
I love the United States of America. When I hear patriotic American songs like the national anthem and “God bless America,” I feel proud. I am proud of what we stand for. Our country was founded by men of faith who believed that God was on their side. That's what makes us great.

“We need to give America a conservative congressional
super-majority to undo decades of dangerous legislation.”

Recently my wife and I visited the Veterans Center in Eloy, Arizona. While there, we realized that there were people who put their love into action like us. But unlike us, they sacrificed in war, giving their limbs, their lives, and souls. We are people of action, and we decided that now was time to use our talents to serve our country in a new way, before the country we love so much and for whom these brave men and women fought and died is no longer recognizable.

The Constitution guarantees the right to keep and bear arms - and yet there are places in the country where defending yourself with a firearm is illegal. It also guarantees the right to life, yet beating hearts are stopped in the womb because abortion funding is favored over adoption funding.

The Constitution establishes national defense as the federal government’s only mandatory responsibility, but it is the one area where the Federal government experiences its greatest failurethey haven't secured the border.

Why are you getting a letter from a congressional candidate one year early? The fight against liberalism in Arizona’s CD1 must start now! Nothing can be left to chance. The rules have changed to favor entrenched politicians and their successors. To dig them out, it is going to take some time.

Your values are under attack in Washington, and thankfully there are many good conservatives already there, but in the next presidential cycle liberals will be waging all-out war against conservatives! The next election cycle will determine if Obama’s socialist practices will live on or be reversed. I believe that we can Make America Great Again!

We need to give America a conservative congressional super-majority to undo decades of dangerous legislation. We may not have this chance again. I'm asking you to join me.

I need your help! Please like our Facebook page or donate $5.00.

It's NEVER too early to start fighting to regain our freedoms and reduce the size of government. Please show that you love America the way I do and agree to get involved.

Congressional District 1 can change the course of America, and America can’t wait. We can’t wait for liberal congress members in Washington to do the right thing for Arizona.

We need representation in Washington that reflects conservative values.

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